Wednesday's at 8:00pm MST Starting May 26th

You are just one click away from your journey to joy. There is no coincidence that you found this experience. We know you have been doing all of the “should’s,” and striving for a meaningful and happy life, most of the time you feel pretty good about your efforts. And yet, you still want to be more patient and less reactive, more connected to those who are important to you and less resentful of things when they go wrong, you want to be more connected to God and less timid to approach Him with your deep desires. You are in the right place!

  • We want to pour into you, because we know you are busy pouring into everyone else.

  • Experience the immediate support and encouragement of a mentor and a team.

  • Leave each lesson feeling empowered with a new idea for how to effectively handle situations that typically cause you to spin.

  • Get unstuck from the things that weigh you down.

Program Mentor

Jennifer Bourne

Program Mentor

Hello! It is my greatest desire to show you how to find peace, direction, and fully experience joy the way it was designed to be felt. This is how I choose to spread God's light and fight against the darkness of Satan. In these last days of uncertainty and confusion, I have experienced Satan battling harder than ever to stop anyone who would choose the right in any way. Come with me where we will spend 12 weeks together learning, exploring, and growing through specifically designed tools that will not only change your life but the lives of those most precious to you. You will learn how to combat the tactics of Satan so that you can thrive and feel peace and direction for whatever comes in the future. Before I understood these tools, I grew very numb in my life’s experiences and very literally stopped dreaming. Then, despair, anxiety, and debilitating depression seemed to naturally take over. If you’ve ever felt like you just seem to go from one trial after another without a breath, I understand. You see, 3 weeks after delivering my first baby, my husband, an accomplished rock climber, fell 75 feet. After 6 weeks in a coma, and 3 months in the hospital, he returned home a completely different person. Among his many injuries, he had severely broken both his ankles to the point they weren’t sure he would ever walk again and suffered a traumatic brain injury in which his right frontal and temporal lobe‘s of his brain was completely destroyed. He was no longer the same person. However, I felt I should endure, and did my best to survive this near-impossible situation. After 17 more years and 3 more kids, I realized that I & my kids might not survive the mental, emotional and physical abuse. After searching for and receiving inspiration and confirming direction, we divorced. There is simply no way to express the unnatural, abnormality that I and my kids lived in for so long with him. My oldest daughter began dating a boy that had cancer that was in remission. When cancer returned, and he was given 3 months to live, I met his dad. I knew our meeting was divine, I felt I knew him and was drawn to him. We married and together we raised our combined six kids. Of those kids, we had 4 missionaries and each child was married in the temple. In the beginning, I believed I was living my fairytale, and in many ways it was, but as the years passed, his choices have to lead him away from me and he desires now not to continue our relationship. I never dreamed I would ever be divorced again. However! The tools I have learned from Joyful Heart have been invaluable to me. These tools have helped me understand how to better follow Him, to understand that he wants what I want and that my happiness is his greatest desire. They have taught me how to feel joy in my sadness, peace in my pain, and love from my Father in Heaven while my heart is broken. I do not feel alone, but held and strengthened by God. I know I am doing His will and He is guiding me. I have learned that even in our struggles and our trials we can find peace and joy and recognize there is a bigger purpose for our lives.

You deserve joy!

See what others have experienced:

“I used to feel angry, confused and stuck. Then I learned that I could rewrite the narrative of my past. During Joyful Heart there was so much healing. I am not guilty or responsible for the way I was raised, but I am responsible for my future, and I can change.”


“After Joyful Heart [Mastery] I feel like I can take up space in this world.”


“I made more progress doing Joyful Heart Mastery than I did with my therapist.”


“Having a personal mentor has meant knowing I could call someone who had compassion understanding and would not stand in judgment. Someone to remind me of the tools or teach me new tools. Would have empathy but not sympathy or just feel sorry for me. You had the tools and the knowledge, I knew I could trust you.”


“Before Joyful Heart I was so damaged I couldn’t function anymore. Joyful Heart Mastery peeled all my layers off, I became comfortable with myself because I learned how to love myself again. A great community took me in, surrounded by positive people, I became the person I wanted to be. I can come back to center. I can trust myself and trust other people again. I trust my own judgment and my new partner.”


“I was caught up in a lot of things and I was not connected enough with Heaven and with God, though I thought I was, and I didn’t even recognize what was happening. I thought I could see just fine, but then you put the Joyful Heart glasses on and you're like “Woah! I didn’t see it clearly.”


“Without my Joy Power tool, I am scattered, a mess, small things will make me cry. With it, I feel like I got this!”


“Now, I make connections to God every single day like a lifeline, and I have a new perspective. I feel more centered and clear, like God is guiding me and I can see his hand. One day after my divorce I used the Weeding Tool on a long walk. That day that would have been my anniversary. As I was using my tool I realized I didn’t want to feel emotional pain, worry, or stress. I was able to talk out loud and give it all the feelings and thoughts to God, here you go take it away from me because I don’t want it. That is the gift Joyful Heart Mastery gave me.”


Pricing Options

Please email us at for information on our $33 weekly payment plan or scholarship options. Don't let finances stop you from finding your joy!

What can you expect?

By the end of this experience you will be able to:

» Recognize and feel joyful moments throughout the day even when there are things in life that are complicated and confusing. 

» Identify where the thoughts that keep you in frustration, anxiety and stress are coming from. 

» Be aware of the thoughts that enter into your mind that are creating emotional responses. 

» Honor your feelings and the feelings of others without guilt or shame. 

» Be present in the moment and have the ability to look at any situation without an emotional charge. 

» Recognize what it feels like in your body when you are beginning to engage in a thought cycle that will keep you from experiencing joy. 

» Use your body in a powerful way to exit the negative thought cycle. 

» Access the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ to uproot the undesired emotions that plague you. 

» Look at past experiences with a new perspective of growth and forgiveness. » Activate the powers of creation and start dreaming again. 

» Know how to feel and express pure gratitude as part of the creation process. 

» Obtain, protect and create a joyful heart in every aspect of your life - every week, every day, and every hour.